West Herts Hospitals

14th November 2016

Anne met with the chief executive of the West Herts Hospitals NHS Trust to discuss some of the challenges that the trust faces and the future of health provision for St Albans.

Anne said, ‘I had a frank and constructive meeting with Katie Fisher about the future of the trust.  She is upfront about the challenges that they face, such as health outcomes, future provision and the difficulties with the deficit. 

‘The trust is under huge financial pressure and the deficit has soared.  Mrs Fisher has ambitious plans to half the deficit, which I hope should ease some of those pressures. 

‘I do believe that Mrs Fisher understood my frustration with the revolving door of chief executives over the years.  Staff in the hospitals need stability and a positive vision for the future, as well as someone who understands the daily pressures that they face.

‘One of the immediate steps that she has taken is to increase her knowledge and visibility in St Albans, which is very welcome.  It’s important that the chief executive is in tune with the particular health needs of the area, and the care that’s required.

‘I did get the impression that Katie is determined to face down the challenges that the trust faces and that she understands that she has tremendous staff, working incredibly hard.’

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