Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing

7th August 2017
Following her debate in the Houses of Parliament, Anne Main MP has been invited by transport minister, John Hayes, to join a task force to provide advice on the future of the taxi and private-hire vehicle industry (PHV).
'I'm very pleased that following the debate the minister has invited me to join the group.  The growing problem of regulation in an ever-changing technological world has to be addressed.
'When St Albans taxi drivers approached me about the concerns they had and the difficulties that they faced, I felt it important to take this matter to parliament and to the minster.  Hopefully the group can work in a cross-party and evidence-based manner to get sensible and fair regulation. '
The Advisory Task and Finish Group on Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle licensing will focus on: the identification and evidencing of issues and their scope; the ability of the current regulatory framework to address these issues; the effectiveness with which current powers are being used; and options to amend the regulatory framework.
Anne will be one of only two parliamentarians on the task force, and will be joined by representatives from the taxi and PHV industry, the Local Government Association, Transport for London, one person representing passengers, and one person representing drivers.
Mrs Main said that, 'it's important we get this right.  Regulation hasn't kept pace with the fast-changing industry.  Local taxi drivers want better enforcement and a level playing field to ply for hire in order to compete with other PHVs.
'Being a short-hop away from London has exacerbated the problem between licensers and the taxis themselves, but this is an issue that is affecting local authorities and taxis all over the country.'
The group will meet in September and will be required to provide a concise report on its finding within three months.

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