St Albans Hospital

7th June 2019

Yesterday the boards of West Herts Hospitals Trust (WHHT) and the Herts Valleys Clinical Commissioning Group (HVCCG) met to discuss the four options they had shortlisted for the redevelopment of Hospitals services in the west Hertfordshire area.

The ‘emerging preferred way forward’ was option one out of the list published by the CCG and the Trust at the start of this process.

In summary, option one retains the ‘three site model’ that we currently have. Watford General Hospital is to be refurbished and have new clinical buildings for theatres and critical care. There is to be significant improvement to the inpatient ward accommodation too. Watford General is to receive the majority of the £350m that has been earmarked for healthcare in the area.

St Albans City Hospital will be enhanced as a planned surgical facility including a new cancer and surgical centre with diagnostic suite – including new MRI and CT scanners. There will also be major refurbishment of theatres, inpatient accommodation and the development of a small high dependency unit.

Hemel Hempstead Hospital will receive investment in this plan too. Hemel will become a planned medical centre and will have a new urgent treatment centre. Some of the Hemel site will be sold off for housing developments.

Following this announcement from WHHT and HVCCG, St Albans MP Anne Main said:

“With some hesitation, I do welcome this outcome. I want to see a brand-new hospital to replace Watford General but if the Trust and the CCG are adamant that the money is not available for that, then this is at least a step in the right direction.

“I made it absolutely clear when I spoke to the Trust and the CCG that St Albans City Hospital must be retained and significantly improved. I am pleased that, in supporting option one, we should get that investment into SACH.

“I don’t want to see any further delay in this process. We should take advantage of the £350m available to us and press on with improving our healthcare services. Whilst this option is not perfect, it is a sensible compromise that will see major improvements to St Albans and Watford Hospital. I will continue to follow this issue closely as we await the final decision in July.”

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