Rail Fright Update

13th March 2015

Today at the High Court in London, a judge dismissed the challenge by St Albans City and District Council on the decision by the Secretary of State to allow planning permission for a rail freight terminal in Park Street.

St Albans MP, Anne Main, who has fought tirelessly against the development for over nine years said, ‘I am left stunned by the judge’s decision. We’re still going through the document to digest the judgement and what our options are.

‘I would welcome the council’s views, subject to legal advice, but they were right to challenge the decision and follow through their objections in court.

‘Sadly it appears we are nearing the end of the road in this David-and-Goliath battle, but I will not stop opposing the development until the fight is over.

‘I am now seeking a meeting with Herts county council at the earliest opportunity, where we can decide how best to continue the fight.’

| Rail Freight Update, Anne’s letter to constituents, 13th March 2015

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