Luton Airport

5th October 2017
Anne Main has called for fundamental change to the RNAV flight path currently in use at London Luton Airport. In a letter to the Civil Aviation Authority ahead of their Post Implementation Review of the RNAV route, Mrs Main wanted to share the ‘overwhelming’ number of complaints she has received from constituent’s since its introduction in 2015.
‘On a daily basis I read of the frustrations felt by [constituents] who live directly under the flight path. I entirely sympathise with local residents. The problem was nowhere near as pronounced until the introduction of the new paths.’ 
Mrs Main highlighted the original purpose of the RNAV route and how it has fallen short in practice, saying ‘the purpose of the RNAV route was to reduce the number of residents affected by flight noise overhead.  However, the burden of aircraft noise should not have to be shouldered solely by those living within the narrow [RNAV] corridor at all times.’  
The St Albans MP stressed the need for fairness which she said is what the majority of her constituents want. She said that her constituents understand the ‘need for air traffic’ but the many people who write to her ‘feel like the burden is not shared at all because of [RNAV] and their lives are adversely affected for the worse as a result.’  
The health implications to endless aircraft noise was also raise by Mrs Main in her letter. She said, the impact on, 'some residents' mental and physical health has been alarming. Lack of sleep and endless noise have made those affected extremely unhappy. I believe this must be given careful consideration during the CAA’s review of the paths.’  
Potential improvements that have been suggested by her constituents were also shared by Mrs Main. Anne suggested, ‘Respite periods are a sensible suggestion.  So too is making the aircraft ascend and descend quicker to minimise noise’ 
Anne ended the letter by saying, ‘I look forward to hearing the findings of the CAA review and I hope serious consideration is given to the many thousands of complaints that have been raised about the RNAV route. I believe there needs to be fundamental changes made to the RNAV route going forward to help improve the situation for residents under the flight path.’ 

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