Leave vote was anti-uncontrolled immigration, not anti-immigrant, says Anne Main MP

31st January 2017
Speaking during the debate on Article 50, Anne Main makes it clear that voting to leave the EU was not anti-immigrant, but more anti-uncontrolled immigration.

I thank my right hon. Friend for giving way and for that clarification. We are not anti-immigrant, and I do not think that anyone who voted to leave the European Union is anti-immigrant. There is a difference between being anti-immigrant and being anti-uncontrolled immigration. It was the latter that the British public were against. They wanted control, and many people of different backgrounds voted to leave the European Union.


That is the point: they wanted to take back control. They are not anti-immigration but simply want to make sure that it is controlled migration at a level that the country can absorb without any difficulties. That is where we should be on this, that is where my party should be and that is where we stand. I intend to pursue that because I am pro-migration.

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