Budget: Self-Employed

13th March 2017
St Albans MP Anne Main has written to the Chancellor to express her concerns about the decision to increase Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (NICs) 2 per cent by April 2019.
‘Whilst I do understand the government’s motive of making the tax system more equitable and having a tax base that is sustainable’, Anne writes, ‘I do believe that this increase will be difficult for my constituents who are self-employed to absorb’. 
The Chancellor announced that the government has equalised state pension and will address differences regarding parental and maternity entitlements between employed and self-employed workers. However, Anne believes that this still does not recognise the risk attached to the self-employed. 
‘The system has to reflect the nuance and imbalance between different types of employment and I hope the government will come up with a better way forward’, the St Albans MP said.
16 per cent of the St Albans working population is self-employed, and there has been contact from some expressing their concerns.
‘The government will be publishing a paper on this issue in summer, and will legislate in the autumn’, Anne said: ‘I hope by then they will have listened carefully to what Members and the public have had to say.’

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