Brexit Report

29th March 2017

St Albans MP Anne Main has today published a report compiled by her office about the present and future conditions of the UK’s financial services after the UK leaves the EU.

The report, entitled ‘Brexit and what it could mean for the UK: Financial services, passporting, and the EU internal market’, sets out a positive economic vision for the UK after it leaves the EU, and outlines realistic financial models and outcomes the UK and EU should pursue in Article 50 negotiations.

‘What the months since the European Union referendum in June last year have demonstrated is that nothing is for certain and everything is possible’, Anne said.

‘Around half of the economically-active population of St Albans works in London – many in the City of London. My office has compiled this report on financial services post-Brexit to try and affect government policy in the best interests of my constituents.

‘The report aims to demonstrate that Brexit presents an opportunity to reconfigure the UK’s economic structure, so that the UK can gain independence over its trade policy and diversify the banking industry to protect consumers, create a level playing field for smaller banks and SMEs, and generate greater economic resilience’.

The report has been sent to the Prime Minister and other ministers, and is published here.

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