Brexit Debate: Anne Main backs amendment on backstop

29th January 2019

Anne Main backs an amendment that will enable the Prime Minister to go back to Brussels to renegotiate with a strong mandate from Parliament and asks what could possibly be the reason for not giving the PM this option?

What is the right hon. Gentleman’s objection to enabling the Prime Minister to probe the EU on what it is prepared to give way on, in order to help deliver the deal that he would like? What is so objectionable in new amendment (n)? Can he give any reason for not supporting it?

This is a complete fantasy. All of us play with the Good Friday agreement at our peril. The peace in Ireland has been hard won. The European Union has reached agreement with the UK on the Prime Minister’s draft deal on the basis of making sure that we enshrine the Good Friday agreement. None of us should be playing with fire and seeking to unwind the Good Friday agreement. That is the effect of what would happen. It is the height of irresponsibility to go down that road. [Interruption.] I am going to come on to the backstop in more detail later.


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