Anne Main rejects deeply unreliable impact assessments

7th February 2017

Anne Main rejects amendments to the Article 50 Bill calling for impact assessments, as they are back-door attempts to prevent or delay the Government triggering Article 50 and getting on with implementing the will of the British people as expressed in the referendum.

As most of us found out during the campaign, people wanted us to get on with it, whatever the result. Nowhere on the ballot paper did it say that we should get tied down in knots forever and a day, which is in effect what Opposition Members are seeking to ensure.


My hon. Friend is absolutely right. New clause 40, tabled by the hon. Member for Bishop Auckland, states that the Prime Minister must, before even

“exercising the power under section 1”

and before triggering article 50, publish an impact assessment of the effect on the United Kingdom of leaving the customs union. How can we know that?

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I will make my own point, thanks very much. Can the hon. Gentleman give the Committee some idea of how long all these impact assessments will take? How much time does he expect the House to devote to debating them and the statements? What other business will not happen because we are debating all the spurious impact assessments that he thinks should occupy the House 100%?


With the greatest of respect, we voted against the referendum Bill. 

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