Anne Main rejects calls to walk away from Brexit negotiations as defeatist

22nd January 2018

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on an e-petition calling for the UK to walk away from EU talks and leave the EU with immediate effect, Anne Main rejects this proposal as defeatist at this early stage of negotiations and instead we should use every day to ensure we secure a good deal.

My hon. Friend makes e a very particular point. In St Albans, 190 people signed this e-petition—a minuscule number. I agree with him. Why on earth does this e-petition call for all negotiations to stop now, when we are nowhere near reaching the deal? It just assumes that we will not get a deal. It is very defeatist and my hon. Friend is absolutely right that we should use every day to make sure we get a deal.

I thank my hon. Friend for making that point. I intend to talk about the need to be optimistic. Just looking around the Chamber, I know that those gathered here to participate in the debate differ in our opinions, but we must be united in being optimistic for our prospects, whatever deal we strike with the EU. We have to talk up our economy, because the best way of creating, fostering and building up uncertainty is to talk down our economy.

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