Anne Main calls on the Prime Minister to put pressure on countries that renege on their aid pledges to the Rohingya

20th June 2018

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Anne Main highlights the situation facing the Rohingya in camps in Bangladesh as the hurricane season approaches and calls on the PM to put pressure on countries that renege on their promises of aid for the Rohingya.

Peak hurricane season is due to hit Bangladesh and the Rohingya in the camps there. The UK is leading in the provision of aid to the Rohingya; other countries pledge aid but do not deliver. What more can the Government do to put pressure on those countries that renege on their pledges of aid for the Rohingya?

My hon. Friend raises an important point: this country not only says what it is going to do but actually puts its money where its mouth is and goes out and helps people around the world, including the Rohingya in the circumstances to which she referred. We will continue to put pressure on all those countries that say they will do something but do not actually deliver the money, to ensure that they do.


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