Anne Main backs Trade Bill and establishment of new UK Trade Remedies Authority

25th February 2019

Following the Government statement on efforts to determine which existing EU trade remedy measures should be transitioned once the UK operates its own independent trade policy, Anne Main asks about the risks to British companies if the protections in the Trade Bill are not enacted and the formal establishment of the new UK Trade Remedies Authority is delayed.

I listened very carefully to the question/statement that the shadow Secretary of State, the hon. Member for Brent North (Barry Gardiner), made, and he sounded so not in favour of the Trade Bill that it was rather worrying. May I ask the Secretary of State what would happen to those protections if the Trade Bill is thwarted somehow by the Opposition?

As I said in my statement, if we are unable to get the Trade Bill through, which provides legal underpinning of the TRA, we will use mechanisms under the Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Act 2018, but I would want to see the Trade Bill go through as soon as possible, because it gives us the best possible legal underpinnings for the mechanisms that we are putting in place.



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